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Tamasine Osher creates hand-crafted furniture and lighting products that evoke emotions and spark connections. Drawing inspiration from both nature and architecture, she reveals the hidden beauty of ageing, decay and wilderness – juxtaposing natural and human-made materials in unexpected ways to highlight the struggles

and tensions produced when they collide and combine.

"The intention is to create human connection and timeless design,

using skilled local crafts and materials, with sustainability at the forefront."



As a designer-maker, Tamasine undertakes many elements of the making process personally, working with a network of carefully selected craftspeople in the UK to source specific local materials. The combination of hand craftsmanship and the unpredictability of natural materials means that decisions are called for at every stage of the making process. Tamasine is on-site throughout, ensuring that every decision reflects her discerning eye for contemporary design. 


Tamasine works closely with tree surgeons to sustainably source British wood from fallen trees that would otherwise become firewood. Valuing the history written into every one – knots, bark inclusions, pin holes and spalting (the pattern formed by fungal growth on fallen or dead beech trees) – Tamasine looks for slabs that exhibit unique character and takes in timber that might have lain in the undergrowth for months. Beech trees are kept in log form for up to three years, to cultivate the spalting, before cutting and turning to order. She uses a clear bio-resin to preserve and highlight the unique features in timber slabs and works with marble off-cuts sourced as a waste product from a local stone supplier. Chairs are upholstered in pioneering fabrics such as Pinatex, cork and recycled leather.



Constant dialogue between Tamasine and her clients sees material samples and photographs sent back and forth as decisions are made about the finest details from the warp or pin holes in a particular piece of timber to bespoke sizes, shapes and formations. As a trained architect and designer, she acts as a conduit between interior designers and specifiers and her handpicked craftspeople at every stage of the making process, from sourcing materials to finishing touches.


Tamasine is fascinated by the emotional responses provoked by the moments in which human-made, often decaying, structures meet the constant growth, change and repair of the natural world. To feed this fascination, she spends time in both urban and natural environments, documenting examples of these intersections, co-existences, and interdependencies – and the tensions they create. She then aims to recreate both the material contrasts and the emotional responses in her work.


Based just outside London in the Kent countryside, Tamasine Osher creates luxury

handcrafted collections of furniture and lighting that are available directly.

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