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Two tiered chandelier with four light sources. The spalted beech* shades (turned by hand from naturally fallen timber) hang loosely from their bronze or brass branches, perfectly counterbalanced by each other. The shades move up and down but will always find their equilibrium again. The lower longer branch can rotate.

Available in bronze, satin or antique brass.

Dimensions: w950 x L1,150mm

*Spalted Beech: Spalting is the process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallentrees. After colonizing the wood via travelling up the wood cells from the ends or frombroken off branches it leaves a pattern. The process takes 2 to 3 years to reach the idealstage to cut & season the timber.


Cupola Poise represents the state between movement and balance; finding the equilibrium between contrasting elements;- natural and manufactured, hard and soft, polished and matt, traditional and contemporary. The Poise collection adds interaction, counterbalance and the ability to extend and retract to alter the look and light direction of each piece. 

Created from a number of separated features, the lights tempt you to touch and invite the outdoors inside. The different parts highlight Tamasine’s eclectic sources of inspiration (nature, architecture, expressed structures) and each tell their own story. The spalting in the timber reveals the hidden depths and life of the tree, the clear expression of the mechanism is a nod to mid-century modern design. The cone shape is the architectural monolith that bonds the piece as a whole.

The range comprises table lamp, floor lamp, wall light and chandelier. Each turned shade is unique having its own individual network of spalting lines and patterns. Metal parts are hand-made and offered in bronze and brass finishes.


For further information, bespoke sizes, prices and orders please email:

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