(Small dome like structure. From Latin Cupa meaning cup)

The Cupola lighting range is the juxtaposition of two incongruous elements, industrial metal angular frame with organic timber sphere. It is the interplay of opposites…straight and round, natural and man-made, hard and soft. The two forms sit together in harmonious tension.

The shades are hand-turned from a single piece of naturally fallen (thus totally sustainable) spalted beech foraged from wood and field. Each piece is unique, it has its own grain and spalting pattern which tells a story of its history, which is accentuated by the light source. Both frames and shades are hand crafted in the UK.

Lamp shades: hand-turned from whole trunks of naturally fallen spalted beech*

Bases: hand-patinated steel or satin brass


*Spalted Beech: Spalting is the process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallen
trees. After colonizing the wood via travelling up the wood cells from the ends or from
broken off branches it leaves a pattern. The process takes 2 to 3 years to reach the ideal
stage to cut & season the timber.


The range:

Table Lamp - large: Available with steel or brass base. Dimensions: d350xh480mm

Table Lamp - small: Available with steel or brass base. Dimensions: d250xh340mm

Floor Lamp: Hand-patinated steel base.

Dimensions: d350xh1,500mm


Dimensions: d200xh400mm

Bulb: Dimensions: d320xh350mm

Barrel: Dimensions: d320xh200mm

Factory: Dimensions: d340xh200mm

Mini Bulb: Dimensions: d160xh175mm

Chandelier: Brass tube frame with mini bulb shades

Dimensions: d1,200xh1,200mm


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